Satin Bondage

Satin bondage, rope, metal, gags and barefoot babes in bondage - Various Beautiful Captives

Bob has kindly provided some photos of the gorgeous bound gals he has in store for you. Hasn't he been a busy chap?

First, he chair ties and gags flame haired beauty, Cheryl Anne whilst she wears a silk blouse and short denim mini skirt - flashing her panties!

Next, his attention goes to the buxom blonde, Hannah Claydon (pictured right) and cruelly gags and hogties her on the bed whilst she wears a vintage style nude corselette and stockings!

Then another blonde, Izzy, indulges in some self bondage in a lovely soft pink shiny blouse.

By this time, a bit of 'release' would be welcomed, yes? Well ungrateful Kayla doesn't seem to be appreciating Lana's attention as she is bound, gagged and made to cum!

The delightful Monica Harris is tightly bound and gagged in her office clothes and last, but not least, beautiful redhead Scarlot Rose is frogtied for fun in the loving room!

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Comments (1) - Scarlett

Girl next door, Scarlett, has donned her favourite black satin dress for her night out... and spoiled herself by slipping on her soft sensual red satin opera gloves. Her boyfriend has other ideas once he sees her sitting on the satin sheets of their bed.. 'That outfit looks great!' he says. 'But it's missing something...' Out come coils of white rope from the bedside drawer which he lovingly ties around her legs, chest and arms. The planned evening forgotten in favour of quality bedroom bondage time on satin sheets, Scarlett surrenders to the sweet caress of the rope...
Quiet nights in are the new nights out, don't you know? 
Comments (1) - Lilith

What better way to end your night at the opera than with a night of bondage in your opera gown and gloves? Although Lilith doesn't seem so convinced, her kidnapper is absolutely positive that that's the best way to spend the evening!

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Comments - Hannah Claydon

Blonde bombshell, Hannah Claydon, shows off her ample charms in a sexy satin form fitting blouse and skirt combo. Her sexy legs adorned with fully fashioned stockings and killer high heels. Hannah Claydon's look is perfectly finished off with prim and proper spectacles, showing that this is a lady of class.... ripe for dishevelling! This photoset from Restrained Elegance features the gorgeous Hannah Claydon captured, tightly bound with rope, her large breasts freed from their tight silky blouse... and to keep Hannah quiet? A large ball gag finishes the job!

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Comments - Dolly |||amp; Tanya

Today's post is a free picture taken from today's Restrained Elegance update. It features the photography of Alexander Lightspear portraying the lovely Tanya and Dolly indulging in some sensual girl on girl lesbian bondage. If you like the thought of girls tying each other up in tight rope bondage whilst wearing silky sexy satin, then you will love this picture!
Click it to enlarge and enjoy!
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Bound by Bhowani - Various Bound Beauties

Warning! This gallery contains the following: blondes, brunettes, rope, heels, satin blouses, exposed breasts, furled brows, tight cloth gags, blindfolds, bound legs, perilous circumstances, smiles, hogties, tight bondage, more rope, short skirts, more breasts, fun, fun, fun...!


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Bondage Bob - Various Gorgeous Damsels

A gorgeous gallery for you this time featuring many beautiful ladies... the gorgeous blonde Katy Cee, captured as she arrives home from a day at the office in her black skirt and silky blouse. All she wants to do is kick off her high heel shoes however she is tightly hogtied whilst still wearing them, helpless to do anything but wriggle and hmmph through a blue, silk gag... How rude! Pretty blonde Ashleigh hits a similar problem, though she at least manages to get her shoes off - only to be tightly tied cross legged in her blouse and skirt, mouth quietened with a tight brown scarf gag... Busty Carissa is tightly bound, gagged and humiliated by strict, leather clad Domme, Morrigan...
Brunette Jessica cries out through her gag as she is left tied in a rich burgundy blouse, skirt and heels... Sexy blonde, Martina Warren, has her mouth stuffed ready for a tight gag... And finally, retro brunette, Victoria, is tightly bound whilst wearing a gorgeous satin dress fit for the red carpet in a deep blue strikingly set off by a pale blue silk gag... Phew!! Cold shower time!!

Check out the gallery here and then check out for more fantasies brought to life! :)
Comments - Belle

Beautiful blonde, Belle, is born to tease... As Belle sexes it up in soft silky satin, don't you wish that you were there caressing her curves?

The cold hard steel shackles contrast perfectly on her soft skin, making her feel irresistably sexy and wanton. Will you punish her for touching herself? Add more chain to restrict her further and make her squirm? Or will you add to her pleasure and give her something else good and hard to play with...? Maybe punish her teasing eyes with a tight blindfold?

The choice is yours!

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Comments - Ariel Anderssen

International model Ariel Anderssen considers to be her 'home on the internet' and is featured as Restrained Elegance's resident slave girl. She manages to combine strength and beauty, confidence and vulnerability whilst looking naturally sexy in bondage!

This photoset epitomises the core values of Restrained Elegance; inescapable yet beautiful. The slinky silver satin gown is beautifully set off by unyielding metal cuffs and a cold steel posture collar. The barefoot and beautiful Ariel Anderssen is rendered totally helpless, and wouldn't have it any other way! 

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Comments - Kobe Lee and Ariel Anderssen

Kobe is getting ready for her wedding day, with her maid of honour, Ariel. But someone has the idea that they might be worth a small fortune - possibly because her intended hubby is stinking rich?

The kidnapper chloroforms the girls, then ties them up with high tech speedcuffs- totally inescapable! Then they muffle the girls' screams with big ballgags, and take photos to send with their ransom demand!

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Comments - Samantha

The gorgeous blonde Samantha can't get enough of being bound in her sexy satin blouse. Buttoned or unbuttoned, she doesn't mind... enjoying the thrill of the tease. Her anticipation is heightened by the pressure of a tight crotch rope, sending shivers of pleasure through her body each time she changes position... Oh yes, Sexy Samantha is ready to play. She just needs someone to play with, someone willing to fully remove the soft, sensual satin blouse and replace the touch of the crotch rope with something a little more... fulfilling...

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Comments - Lilith

Sexy blonde, Lilith, dazzles in gorgeous shiny and tight gold dress! Beautifully 'captured' by Alexander Lightspear!

An over confident Warrior Mistress, she meets her match in a rope wielding knight. At first she resists, but then finds that she quite likes it.... and him!

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Comments - Ariel Anderssen

This week on, an old favourite of mine has been reposted from the archives - the sluttification of Ariel Anderssen!

I love the way the satin slip both clings and flows - revealing and emphasising Ariel's form at the same time. A silky soft contradiction!

Ariel Anderssen incurs the wrath of the local WI and is tightly tied on public display, her legs spread and her skirt lifted to reveal her panties... only Ariel Anderssen isn't wearing panties! What a fix!

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Bondage Bob - Various Bound Beauties

Bob does it again! A bevy of beautiful bound babes, all wearing beautiful tailored outfits :) This time we have the sensational Eden Wells in gold satin blouse and stilleto heels tightly tied on the sofa... Luscious Emily Marilyn tied standing in a pewter blouse and sky high heels... Gorgeous Hannah Claydon suffers a cleave gag and the humiliation of an unbuttoned skirt... Jessica in a bind wearing sexy blue satin and stockings... Two girl action as Hollyties and gags Hayley and then Monica!

Enjoy! And tell Bob we sent you ;)

Comments - Jasmine Sinclair

It sure beats working!

Super sexy satin-clad stocking-wearing secretary Jasmine Sinclair strips and gets tied up in the office for her pleasure and ours... don't you wish your office was a little bit more like mine? It sure beats working for a living!

Check out the gallery for a sample of the gorgeous Jasmine Sinclair stripping her stockings off slowly from her sexily bound legs...

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Comments - Scarlot Rose

Count yourself lucky, my dear. I know, I know. You claim you didn't know the rules about smuggling stiletto heels into the island, but I assure you that it was very clearly stated in the terms of your entry visa that such items were not allowed.

You should be grateful that our laws are so merciful- I'd have thought that a day and a night on public pole-tied display is a small price to pay, considering! There are some places in the world where you could get an aeful lot worse than that! Now, let's be having you, the sentence was for naked display, of course, so those clothes are going to have to be snipped off....

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Bondage Bob - Various Bound Beauties

Ropes, Silk and Satin, Secretaries, Blouses and always, always gagged! What more could you want? Redhead Adreena hogtied and gagged, barelegged with her heels on, perhaps? Or maybe Amy Latina, gagged and chair tied wearing a super shiny silk blouse! How about curvy brunette Candy - showing her stocking tops whilst tightly bound in a short, short skirt and purple satin corset top?

At, you can see all of them PLUS Monica Harris looking sexily dishevelled in pale business clothes and tight bondage and Katie Cee stuck barefoot in a restrictive ball tie and gagged in front of the fireplace!

Comments - Samira

Samira's boyfriend really loses his temper when she won't get off her phone and ties her in a punishment reverse prayer hogtie. She even tried to get one more call in when she was partially tied up, but he was having none of it! When she's finally fully wrapped in rope and tied up tight, he confiscates her phone entirely, leaving her gagged and wriggling in her sexy satin slip!

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Comments - Foxy

Stunning blonde Foxy is put through her paces by Alexander Lightspear in this unusual metal bondage set, where he uses the chains to tie her almost like it was rope. Except of course with the bondage fastened by padlock, it is even more inescapable than rope would have been! To contrast the hard cold metal, Foxy luxuriates in a soft satin gown.... and gets her teeth into a deliciously girly ribbon gag!

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Bound by Bhowani - Various Beautiful Bound Models

Bhowani does it again - please click the image to see a gallery full of gorgeous babes in tailored outfits, cleave gags, satin scarves, buttoned up blouses and plenty of rope!
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