British Fetish Film Festival


The 2016 festival was a weekend event hosted in Welshpool, mid-Wales. On Saturday, we shot a Film Noir bondage thriller starring Ariel Anderssen, Michael Stamp and Temptress Kate. You'll be able to see the finished film on shortly.




Before the film screenings on Sunday morning the assembled fans and film-makers had a discussion about the current state of censorship in the UK, led by Itzi from the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell and Backlash. We decided to push for people to respond to the latest government consultation (due by 12th April 2106). The consultation is here: and you can respond online.


Pandora Blake kindly prepared a statement with lots of useful information HERE.


We decided to put together a bullet point list of arguments to help people respond to this and future consultations, we are using the British Film Festival Fetlife Group as a discussion group for this. You can also join our mailing list here: to stay informed.




This year we had far more submissions that we could screen, which was awesome! Thank you to everyone who sent us a film, it was so great! The only problem was deciding which films to screen - even with a day for the screenings, it was really difficult. We tried to cover as wide a range as we could, whilst favouring the films of producers who were there on the day. Thank you so much even if you sent a film which we didn't have time to show on the day- Ariel, Michael Stamp and I at least watched and enjoyed them all!

Here are the films we screened:

Title Producer
A sea of vomit, A river of snot Itziar Bilbao Urrutia
I am so sorry darling, please forgive me Messy Tease
Duties day-to-day Domimaid
The Key John Tisbury
At Home With Nio & Smile Sensate
Highwayman Hywel Phillips
Houseboy Pandora Blake
Paraphilia Busby Wilder
The Dominatrix' Story Burlesque Tease
A cold shower in heels Ariel Anderssen
Hazmat Cleaner Fetisheyes
Dream on Dream Michael Stamp
Happy Birthday Mistress Permission 4 Pleasure
What Are You Nimue Allen
Pedal Pumping Restrained Elegance (for a documentary company)



Here is a laurel you can display with your film if it was screened: (email Hywel if you'd like it in black-on-white or in different sizes).